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KenThanks for taking the time to visit my site. If anyone’s vaguely interested in my personal history click on the bio page. It’s a fairly abbreviated biography as I don’t want to get sued by anyone.

Hopefully you’re here to check on my books rather than my level of sanity. My editor, commenting on Hammerhead, did wonder what sort of writer begins a book with two of the most violent villains in crime fiction driving round in a car, wearing Looney Tunes masks (Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck). If you want to know the answer, buy the book.

Although I'm a great lover of the traditional book and I'm sure they'll never go out of style I have to admit to also being a huge fan of ebooks which are incredibly versatile, convenient and green. Click on the links below to download a sample, to check on the prices or better still, just click and buy...



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Mad Carew Series (All published by Allison & Busby):

Good Luck Bad Temper is the first book in a crime series set in the States. The main man is ex-British soldier, Henry Stryker, who won a Victoria Cross in Afghanistan through a combination of good luck and bad temper caused by his friend and commanding officer being fatally wounded to the extent that Stryker had to put him out of his misery before the Taliban got to him. He's now out of the army and goes to the States to find out why the man he's just found out is his real dad has been in Sing Sing for butchering a famous family on the day Stryker was born.

I've just finished the second in the series. It's called A Scary Tale Of New York. It's about...never mind I need to tidy it up before I attempt to sell it to a discerning publisher. What else? Oh yes. I recently finished a crime book called Second To None. The main man in this is a woman called Martha Jones. She's probably the most formidable female fighter in crime fiction. Right now I'm rewriting it. You see I took a foolish gamble and made her a prostitute on the grounds that no one had done this before. It would appear that there's a reason for everything. My publisher loved everything about Martha except that she was a whore and therefore wouldn't appeal to female readers.In my rewrite I've turned her into a thief who simply poses as a prostitute then robs her clients. I've given her the best reason in the world to hate such men enough to want to do this to them. Hopefully a good enough reason for the readers to empathise with her. She's very nice really and hates the fact that she's killed so many men in her time. In her defence she only kills men who deserve it and she's good to her daughter and to Norman, her cat.

Next April I have a saga called Perseverance Street due for publication by Piatkus (Little Brown). It's the first saga I've written for several years but by no means the last. In August 2011 they published eight of my backlist sagas as a promotion for them coming out as ebooks. The plan was to publish 1,000 of each book, 8,000 in total. To fill the world wide orders they had to print 250,000. So I'd be daft not to write any more.

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Also if anyone requires an after dinner speaker click on to my After Dinner page. Most of the highly complimentary letters are from golf clubs and corporate dinners. You’ll gather from the letters that I’m not a speaker to be taken too seriously.  Providing you don’t want anyone too erudite I also do library talks, literary festivals and the like.